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Halloween Special P 3 by LiyuConberma

Hello LiyuConberma,
this will be my first English critique....Sorry...If my English is bad^^'
First of all, i want to say: They are so cuuuuteeeeee :3 Their big eyes, their clothes...Everything ^.^ I really want to hug Sonic, Shadow and Silver ^.^ Cream is also really cute and Cream too! There are not so much Artists which can draw them so cute^^' I'm not a big fan of Sally, but she's wonderful! She's so beautyful with these blue eyes, her beautyful red hair...
Furthermore, there is your coloring. You really know, how to shade your characters. The Eyes are so beautyful...You should know, I love eyes and i think you are one of the best Artists i know! -^-^-
Moreover, you do use these 'Animefaces' In their faces, everyone can see, wahat does Sally feel? You can see ,in the third picture, SALLY IS SHOCKED! Cream and Cheese are not shocked, they are happy.
Taking all these aspects into consideration, I can say that you are an Artist with amazing skills. Your Ideas are really good and your pictures/comic/mangas too. -^-^- Don't waste your great talent -^-^-
I can say: I'm a big fan of you -^-^-
I hope you can understand my english^^
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TrikingWolfAJ Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
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